Mr. Kris Mosch

I have worked in the hospitality industry since 1992 and in the concierge field for over 20 years, both here in New Zealand and in Amsterdam, where I first gained my Les Clefs d’Or keys. I have been back in New Zealand since the end of 2004 gaining experience in several of Auckland’s most iconic hotels. My passion within the industry is to develop young concierges and porters, to achieve their goals of becoming Les Clefs d’Or concierges and as leaders within their hotels. One of my favorite places in New Zealand would have to be the Coromandel Peninsula, with its rich history and natural beauty, including the Hot water beach, the Kauri trees and Cathedral Cove to mention is just a few.


Mr. Rick Karsten

My career started in The Netherlands I have held various hotel positions within the Front Office. In 2010 my partner and I immigrated to New Zealand.

On the 19th of November 2018, I was accepted as an Official Member of the Les Clefs d’Or Society.  Since then, I have assisted with organizing our Annual Trade show and built relationships with many of our tour suppliers and restaurants. On June 1st, 2019 at our 25th Annual Conference I was elected into the Executive Committee as Secretary It is a great honour to be part of this prestigious Society and I look forward to working alongside great Concierges to put Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand on the world map.

In my spare time, you can find me at CrossFit Kia Maia, a passion that I discovered in 2022. I look forward to welcoming you all to the Grand by SkyCity.

Past President
Mr. Jeremy Wilson

My career started within the food and beverage department at SKYCITY Auckland in 1996, before moving into hotel rooms division 2 years later.  It was here I met my mentor Derek Fenn and found my passion as a Concierge.  I became a member of Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand in May 2001 then followed in Derek’s footsteps to lead the department as Chief Concierge.  In 2007 I perused an opportunity in business sales to further develop my skills. After 9 years in corporate sales within Telecommunication, Transport, Tourism and Travel, I return back to where my career began to lead and mentor the team at SKYCITY Grand Hotel. I have since resigned from The Grand by SkyCity and relocated to Christchurch.


Director of Public Relations
Mr. Gustavo Concha

I have been fortunate to have an all-embracing career in hospitality that stems back to 1996 when I commenced working at the Carlton Hotel in Auckland. From my humble beginnings as a part-time Porter and Assistant Concierge, I was promoted to Chief Concierge overseeing the complete guest services of this 455 – room hotel. Finding this career path to be so very rewarding, I haven’t looked back since. Within my current role as Chief Concierge at Hilton Auckland, I believe in the professional development of my wider team, creating an environment with a balance of friendliness and always striving to ensure each guest feels cared for, valued and respected. I have also been an active member of the U.I.C.H. Les Clefs d’Or International Concierge Society of the Golden Keys since 1999, and held the positions as Treasurer, President, as well as the Oceania Zone Director until May 2011. My interests outside of work are to spend time with family and friends and travel, which I have the privilege to do on a regular basis. I like to spend time at the beach during a ‘Kiwi’ summer, play soccer, enjoy life as much as possible and surrounding myself with positive and kind individuals.


Director of Social Media
Mr. Quintin Mcleod

My name is Quintin McLeod and I’m the Chief Concierge of the Fable Hotel
Dunedin, I’ve only just started in this role on the 7th of December 2020. My birthday is in October and I grew up in Christchurch New Zealand and
when I was 21 I moved over to Australia where I was based in Queensland. 

My hobbies include Rock n Roll dancing where I dance competitively
under the Australian banner and competed at a National and international level
where I was placed in the top 5 of the world. I also volunteer at Camp Quality
as a companion as well at different motorsport events throughout New Zealand
and Australia.


Director of Membership

Mr. Nikolas Adams

I started working in the hospitality industry over 15 years ago. I started as porter in my hometown of Auckland before setting off on my OE to explore the world. I was lucky enough to gain experience as a concierge in one of London’s finest hotels Claridges. Working there made me realise that concierge was the career for me. After my experience in London I then made the move to Melbourne.

In Melbourne i was accepted as a member of Les Clefs Dor Australia. While a member there i served as state director of Victoria and Tasmania.  In 2018 i moved back to NZ and joined Les Clefs Dor NZ. I am proud to have been part of the opening team of the first Park Hyatt in NZ as Chief Concierge. I enjoy sharing my love of Auckland and NZ with my guests and being able to create unique experiences for them during their stays.


In my spare time i enjoy photography and travelling. I very much enjoy doing the typical NZ ‘roadie’ and exploring this great country of ours. One of my favourite places in Auckland to visit is the West coast area of Auckland with its stunning black sand beaches, waterfalls and wildlife.


I look forward to welcoming you all to Auckland and New Zealand and making sure that you have a warm and unique stay



Active Members in Auckland

Harry Anderson

I started in hotels in 2009 at Waipuna Hotels, however my career in Concierge didn’t start till 2011 at Pullman Auckland.

I got my Les Clef d’Or keys on November 14th 2019 at the Four Points by Sheraton Auckland, where I became one of the first Chief Concierge in a Marriott Property in NZ to get his Keys.

I continued my profession in Concierge Department at Pullman as I began enjoying meeting new guests over my 7 years working there and connecting with them and hearing their stories during their stay at the hotel.
During my time at Pullman they had a course program which had a phrase, “Find the Yes”. To this day I continue to use this phrase at my current hotel to motivate me into not giving up on guests’ request and find new tour providers/restaurants/ places for guests to visit. The role of a Concierge brings new challenges on every shift for me to test my knowledge and I love it.

If I’m not on shift at hotel, I’m at my local movie theatre. I am an absolute popcorn addict and cannot enter a cinema without it. Films are an absolute passion of mine, watching certain directors filmographies, directors’ signature trademarks in films & use of cinematography.

After finally visiting it for the first time this year, Christchurch is my new favourite place in NZ. Can’t wait to go back.


Mr. Manish Baungally

I began my career in hospitality industry in 2005 as a Room Attendant at LUX Belle Mare Resort & Villas, in Mauritius. I always loved travelling and in 2006, I travelled to Rep. of Ireland, where I continued working in both the Food and Beverage and Front office department. In 2015, I moved to New Zealand to complete my study in Hospitality Management with Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) and joined Crowne Plaza Auckland. In 2019, I had the honour, to be a member of Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand. Hospitality is the only industry I can see myself working and have a personal satisfaction. Everyday is a new day and every day we learn or teach something. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I am proud to showcase it to my guest. One of my Rotorua, a place where you can experience, Mauri Culture, hāngī made in the traditional way and watch the beauty of nature (Geothermal hotspots). I enjoy watching English Premier League Football and spending time with my family.


Mr. Martin Dunlop

I have worked in hospitality for over 40 years in many capacities. In my opinion hospitality is one of the most rewarding, adaptable and transferable careers one can be involved in. I have a wealth of experience to draw from and still feel that I have plenty to contribute. Unfortunately, many young people do not choose Hospitality as a long term career option considering it: “Something I’ll do until I get a real job”

 I have worked at The Langham/Cordis for 14 years and currently  hold the position of Assistant Chief Concierge. The Cordis Auckland is a five star luxury property offering 650 rooms. During my career I have been involved in mentoring new recruits within the airline industry, boutique lodges and hotels and I enjoy sharing my knowledge. Recently I was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace, a qualification which will add value to the services I am able to offer as a Concierge.


Leonid Lisichikin

I made the choice to work in the hospitality industry very early in my life. Soon after starting studies of hospitality management at Academy of Tourism in 2001, I was offered an internship at a five-star hotel. During uni-times, I moved across several hotels at various positions, such as bellman and receptionist, phone operator and room service specialist. These roles gave me great exposure on how hotels operate day-by-day.

After getting my degree in 2006, my first concierge role was in the Kempinski hotel Moscow where I quickly fell in love with the profession. Thanks to kind advice and encouragement from the management team, I mastered the ABCs of the concierge operations and obtained much-needed experience. I successfully gained my Les Clefs d’Or membership and keys in 2017, I have now worked with a kaleidoscope of well-known international brands such as Marriott, Kempinski and Accor where with the support of colleagues I have moved up the career ladder. One of the highlights of my career was relocating to Aotearoa (New Zealand) in 2019 where I was warmly welcomed by all the Les Clefs d’Or members and continued in my beloved profession, constantly learning about people, cultures and regions.

My passion for this profession started at a young age watching with admiration how concierges dealt with guests. Regardless if the guest’s demands were impossible, too sophisticated or simply unreasonable, my colleagues successfully completed all possible requests. They perceived any crazy request as a new challenge, a game or sports competition in which they were the only winners.

In my spare time I love to take my camera and explore the world around me, with this hobby I have travelled to over 40 countries. I like to explore places that are away from the hustle and bustle of city life and one of the places I always enjoy in Auckland is the Winter Gardens located in the Auckland Domain. The best time to visit this botanical garden is in spring when the flowers are in full bloom and the green foliage is so vibrant marking the coming of the new season.


Mr. Shaun Ryan

My career as a Concierge began in 1999 when I started as a Porter in CityLife Hotel Auckland, working under the guidance of then Chief Concierge and Les Clefs d’Or member Mr David Smithson. 3½ years later I took over the Chief Concierge role at CityLife Hotel Auckland, before moving to SKYCITY Hotel in 2005 to work with the legendary SKYCITY Concierge’s Mr Jeremy Wilson and Mr Derek Fenn. I have worked in both the SKYCITY Grand Hotel and SKYCITY Hotel and enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie that the role brings. I have held the role of Chief Concierge at SKYCITY Hotel since 2007. During my time here, SKYCITY Hotel had the distinction of being the first hotel in New Zealand to have 4 Les Clefs d’Or members in the team. Being a member of Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand has brought many opportunities and challenges for me.  Hosting the International Les Clefs d’Or Congress in Queenstown in 2013, was one of the highlights. Being able to showcase my country as Concierge around the world was an amazing experience and one that I will hold many fond memories of for years to come. It has also been a pleasure representing Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand over the years as, Secretary, President and most recently as Past President and Oceania Zone Director. Les Clefs d’Or is a prestigious association with a rich history that is recognized worldwide, and it is fundamental for the progression and education of the Concierge of the future. 



Mr. Dilshan Weheregoda

My journey in the Hospitality industry began in 2008 as a Kitchen Steward. I have worked my way around multiple departments from Banquets, Restaurant, Room Service, Housekeeping, Stores, and Front Office.  From the beginning I have always worked in Concierge and I really took a liking to and an interest in making an imprint and creating a special moment in a guests journey! I worked really hard to achieve a leading role as a supervisor in 2015 in the Concierge department. In 2016 I was blessed to get the “Golden Keys” and be promoted to Head Concierge at the same time. This was a big milestone for me personally and my parents as well.  I believe Crowne Plaza Auckland also benefited as I was the first Concierge to receive this honour.  I look forward to progress my career within the society and through the growth that the tourism industry in New Zealand is experiencing.


Active members in Wellington

Mr. Jason Eade

My name is Jason Eade, Chief Concierge at InterContinental Wellington. I started my hotel career in 2000, originally with the Food and Beverage department, I moved to the Concierge team in 2001 starting as a Baggage Porter. Over the ensuing years I was promoted through various positions within Concierge to my current role of overseeing and managing our Concierge team in-line with the brand standards and expectations of a InterContinental Hotel.

I became a member of the Hotel Concierge Society Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand in 2006, was presented my keys by the inspirational Gustavo Concha (President). The profession of Concierge I feel chose me, as I was working through the various hotel positions searching for a role that best suited me and one I really enjoyed. I fell in love with the ability to provide true hospitality through our knowledge and experiences of life. I have built many rewarding relationships with our guest’s over the past 20 years, many whom still visit to InterContinental to this day. 

Having twice been recognised as the HM Concierge Of The Year, carried the Olympic Torch 2012 and had many amazing moments and opportunities come my way through having a passion for the profession.

I have represented New Zealand in Boxing and Golf, with ambition to participate in the Paralympics should Golf be included. Obviously competitive, I aim to deliver the same commitment to our guests and encourage my team members to take ownership of guest requests and satisfaction, taking pride in what they do.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world and New Zealand, and love being able to call myself a Kiwi. I am passionate about our country and enjoy passing on places or activities of interest that are not always promoted. The insider look to a nation/town/place or event is what makes a Les Clefs d’Or Concierge different within our respected properties. I look forward to welcoming you all.

Mr. Phil Shearer

It’s a love of people and an intimate knowledge of New Zealand that makes me such a terrific Concierge. From checking people in and out to valet parking, sorting luggage, and booking tours, I attend to the individual needs of every guest. My dedication to the industry was rewarded in 2008 when I received my ‘keys’ to Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand. As one of the 27 members of the New Zealand chapter of the society, I have been working as a Concierge since 2001. “The keys are something I’ve wanted and worked hard for,” In my role, I have met various entertainers, bands, actors, and sports stars from around the world. As a Concierge, I receive my fair share of bizarre requests, but the most memorable ones are usually from honeymooners or couples celebrating anniversaries. “One guy wanted me to arrange 20 teddy bears and scatter them throughout the hotel room for his wife,” When it comes to local attractions and must-do activities in the region, I believe you can’t beat the funky vibe that’s on offer in the local pubs. “I enjoy what we have to offer in New Zealand, and love being able to send people to places they wouldn’t read about in a tourist guide.” When I’m not busy at Rydges Wellington, I enjoy married life with my wife, Kate. Despite a 6.30 am start each day, I still find time to grow my own vegetables and go cycling. If I wasn’t a hotel concierge, I would have been a professional footballer playing for Chelsea… in my dreams.

Ms. Lucy Williams

Originally from the Cotswold’s in England, I have travelled
through South-East Asia and Australia before landing in New Zealand. I have
been in Wellington since 2015 and spent all that time working at the
InterContinental Hotel Wellington. Before joining the InterContinental team, I
have always worked within the hospitality sector my first job being a Pizza


My journey started within the hotel in the restaurant as a
waitress. I joined the Concierge team in 2016 and proudly became Concierge
Supervisor in June 2018. I have a passion for providing guest with a memorable
experience and love sharing local tips and knowledge to guest so they can
experience all Wellington has to offer.


I look forward to continuing my career as part of the
Intercontinental team and providing our guests with a high level of service,
something I am truly passionate about.

Active members in Christchurch

Mr. Mark West

Hello, I have just received my keys this year 2019 and I am proud to represent Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand.

My hospitality career started out as a chef in Wellington. However working with people is my true passion and after completing ten years in the kitchen I then moved into a Concierge role in Christchurch and have never looked back.

Working for fifteen years as a concierge in Christchurch and being a person who gets a sense of pride when helping people. I have to say I love what I do.

Working at The George, Christchurch is a great platform to meet a wide range of people and being able to help make their stay memorable is my goal.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening and having a fun time using my chef skills to create dishes for my family.

I am excited to work with Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand and represent Christchurch and the tourism industry.


Mr. Bryan Wilkinson

The Great Great Grandson of a Hotelier from Great Britain here on the discovery of Gold in the South Island 1861. Born  in  the beautiful garden  city  of  Christchurch  in  New  Zealand’s South Island but lived the best part of  my  life  in  Great  Britain.  I have been very fortunate to have started my Concierge training in some of London’s grandest hotels and distinguished Gentleman’s Clubs, such as the Royal Automobile Club in St James. The last 12 years were served at the Concierge desk of the Connaught Hotel. A historic deluxe 5 star hotel in exclusive Mayfair, London. One of the high points in my professional career was being accepted into the prestigious world-renowned Les Clefs d’Or in Great Britain. In 2005 the big decision was made to move away from a world of culture, aristocrats and business tycoons. I joined the pre opening team of The Sofitel, which opened its first New Zealand luxury 5 star hotel in Queenstown on the 1st September 2005. Moving from the best hotel in Queenstown to the best hotel in Christchurch – The George Hotel from 9th June 2015. Being an international resort destination still brings me into contact with guests from all over the world. One of my great loves is to travel and meeting people to experience their different cultures. This is often a very humbling experience which suits my character well. The South Island Delegate to Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand, from 2017 and two terms, from 2008 to 2011. Hotel Management Finalist – Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, Concierge of the year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012. It has been a privilege to attend the International Congress in Vienna Austria 2007, Hangzhou China 2009 and London Great Britain 2012. It has been a pleasure to serve on the Organizing Committee of the historic 60th International Congresses 2013 hosted here in Queenstown New Zealand. While I am committed to the team at the George, my profession extends to a family of friends, who’s creativity and innovation flow through the city of Christchurch and beyond. To conclude on a light-hearted note and to encapsulate the key attributes to my success. I reflect on the last ten minutes of my favourite movie, the classic love story “Pretty Women” … “despite the tugging at her heartstrings, the disenchanted Julia Roberts storms out of the hotel… and in that moment Richard Gere comes to the realisation of his true and deep love for her, however knows not where she lives which could alter the course of his love forever… enter the Concierge…  who possesses the key attributes of a Les Clefs d’Or Concierge, namely discretion and initiative, and instinctively takes it upon himself to limousine transfer Julia Roberts to her home. Thus her address is revealed. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts will reunite to live happily ever after…” True to say that these attributes remain key to my success.


Mr. Sam Williams

My name is Sam Williams and I am employed at the Sudima Christchurch City Hotel. Over a period of 16 years in the hospitality industry I have worked at 5 Hotels here and in Australia. I started off my hospitality career in Sydney at the Star City Hotel – now “The Star” Hotel in 2000.

I was inducted into Les Clef d”Or in June 2018 and have never looked back, thoroughly enjoying my time getting to know all of our members.

I love the fact I meet all sorts of diverse people and making personalised friendships along the way. I am a strong team man and enjoy inspiring others I work with, as well as getting inspiration from them. 

Away from work I love to spend time with my partner Mio and our two beautiful daughters Grace (9) and Sophie (7). I am huge on sport and am always being told off for leaving the dinner table to check in on the sports news. I love gardening, working out, hiking, fishing and spending time with our friends.

My favourite part of New Zealand (although needing to see more of the North Island) is the Nelson/ Abel Tasman region. My favourite place often visited with my love of Hiking is Lake Daniels. This is between Maruia Springs and Springs Junction on the Lewis Pass. A great day trip and hike from Christchurch. In all, from the start of the track it is a 16km return hike – get in and do it!